Local expertise in 3-dimensional virtual modeling.

Although 3D laser scanning is not relatively new technology it has experienced exponential growth in the design and engineering field over the last few years. The cost of using the technology has dropped dramatically and new software has opened up the use of scanning beyond the specialized survey crews. BTM was introduced to 3D laser scanning over 2 years ago and were immediately impressed with its positive benefits for our clients’ projects. BTM has invested in the scanning technology and training with the goal to be the first full service engineering firm in the Louisville area to adopt the technology.

Fast forward to 2014. The results from our laser scanned projects have more than met our initial expectations. We have scanned and modeled complex piping systems with extreme precision and detail. BTM has obtained precise dimensions of trusses and beams 50 feet above floor level in minutes without sending someone up on a shaky lift. We have checked asphalt wear patterns on a roadway. Laser scanning enabled us to accurately locate barge mooring facilities 100 feet off the banks of the Ohio River along with the surrounding shore line and building features. 3D laser scanning has saved our clients time and money by providing more detailed information and precision enabling us to implement projects more quickly and with greater confidence of results.

The Future is Here
3D scanning uses a safe laser operating through 3600 to rapidly capture measurements, shapes, and contours of a surrounding facility, structure, or raw land site. The scans are compiled to create a 3-dimensional model that is highly accurate, captures intricate details (even as small as the head of a screw), and is extremely thorough. In the same amount of time that it would take to measure major components of a typical warehouse (columns, wall dimensions, windows, doors) by traditional methods (pencil, paper, and tape measure), laser scanning will record measurements of all of those entities plus electrical conduits, piping, floor contours, minor structural members, door knobs, light switches and more. The scanner will precisely locate everything visible to the eye so that BTM’s expertise in post processing of the 3-dimensional virtual model can be used to facilitate detailed design preparation.

We’ll connect the dots for your next project
Does your site require production of as-built drawings? Buildings with complex architectural features, industrial facilities with complex piping layouts, or wide open areas where a comprehensive as-built set of plans must be created are perfect candidates for laser scanning. BTM has experience working with all of these types of projects and more over the last few years. We are continuing the use of this technology to unlock possibilities never before available to our clients.

Contact us if you have a project in mind that could benefit from 3D scanning or if you just want to know more about the technology.